Improve Your Outdoor Space

Denver decks and patios are where memories are made. These outdoor spaces are ideal for hosting a cookout with loved ones while taking in the mountain views. There are so many unique ways that we can work with you to reimagine your outdoor areas.

If you’re feeling cramped in your home, an enclosed porch might be a good solution. During the winter months, your porch may lie dormant. Surrounding your porch with walls and windows, however, effectively makes it another year-round room you can use for everything from dining space to a children’s playroom. You can also add a porch to an uncovered entrance. A porch at a front or side door can shield you and your guests from inclement weather. It can also make the surface immediately outside the door tidier, so guests or kids don’t track mud or snow into your home.

Alternatively, a deck might be the better choice to expand your enjoyment of the outdoors. Because they aren’t typically covered by a roof, decks provide a more expansive feeling and a greater connection to nature. Perhaps you have an underutilized area that is perfect for a deck. We are glad to discuss design options for how to create an outdoor space you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. We have experience adding gazebos, firepits, and even outdoor kitchens. With so many great options, Denver decks and patios will certainly increase the value of your home.