Rise Gives Back

Home Improvement Projects in Need

Often times when we think about the things for which we are grateful, do we include the homes we live in? It’s a luxury far too many take for granted.

At RISE Restoration & Remodeling, we are committed to keeping your family in a home they feel both safe and comfortable in. However, we understand there are families living in homes in dire need of updates. This is why we sponsor the Home Improvements in Need program – to ease at least one burden, and turn their feelings of desperation and frustration into feelings of relief and gratitude.

“Home Improvement Projects In Need” is a way for us to give back to our neighbors by providing home remodels to families who really need it. We’re doing more than remodeling a home though– we are creating a stronger, more caring community.

The overwhelming feelings of giving and gratitude are by far much better feelings than those of desperation and helplessness – that’s why every year we reach out to our extended Colorado family to nominate a family in need of home improvements.

By nominating someone in need of home improvements, you’ll help us relieve their feelings of dependency and discomfort and you’ll feel the direct impact that this project has throughout our Colorado community.

If you know a family in need of home improvements, nominate them now!