Hail Damage Insurance Claims on the Rise in Colorado

Three Tips on Hail Damage Insurance claims to Protect Your Home!

Large hailstorms are nothing new to Rocky Mountain natives. That is why Colorado-born Rise Restoration and Remodeling has seen millions of dollars of damage done by storms. Colorado’s largest piece of hail ever seen was nearly 5 inches in diameter and weighed 8.5 ounces! From 2013 – 2019 Colorado had the 2nd highest amount of hail damage insurance claims, behind only Texas. Homeowners can expect 3-4 major hail events a year. Starting in mid-April and lasting until mid-August. Being prepared when the hail begins to fall is key. Remember these three important tips when the weatherman calls for a hailstorm in your area.

Know the Forecast!

Staying up-to-date on weather trends is time-consuming. Hail season needs to be an exception. Knowing when, where, and how a hailstorm will strike is step one. Hail sizes and impact speeds vary widely which means the family car may be in more danger than property. Stay as aware as Rise Restoration and Remodeling. Likewise, Rise keeps tabs on every major weather event in Colorado to ensure homeowner safety.

What is in our Policy Again?

Impacted shingles can leads to leaks. Coupled with months of headache for the homeowner navigating hail damage insurance claims. Before hail season, be aware of your home insurance policy limitations. Other elements of your house that could be at risk include siding, windows, and decking which are not always covered. Insurance policies require hail damage insurance claims to be made within one year of the storm impacting a community. Rise Restoration and Remodeling knows it is extremely important to stay informed on your home insurance policy.

Know Who to Call.

Do not rush to find the perfect restoration company that can fit within your budget. It can be easy to end up with a contractor who is over budget and cannot deliver the restoration to the homeowner’s specifications. Research storm restoration companies at the start of hail season to turn a small crisis into a quick phone call. Keep Rise Restoration and Remodeling’s contact on hand for a rainy day.

Colorado Homeowners expect hailstorms like clockwork every year. Knowing the forecast, your insurance policy, and the best company to call after a storm will make your life easier when the damage of a large hail event occurs. Rise Restoration and Remodeling has years of experience tackling the nastiest of storms and the most convoluted hail damage insurance policies. Do not be caught off guard by in-coming hail. Have a plan, and email Rise Restoration and Remodeling at projects@riserestoration.com or call at (720) 326 9570.